Live Video Shopping

Would you like to shop from the comfort of your own home and also be able to see and choose your crystals individually?

Then join our Live Video Shopping sales on Facebook THREE TIMES A WEEK and you can claim crystals, books, jewellery and more! Be the first to see our new stock!

We host our Live Shopping events on Facebook every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 6pm-Late (NZ Time)

Click here to see our list of upcoming Live Shopping events. 

Live Video Shopping Rules: 

Please send us a PM/chat with your email address and delivery address to start your order. After the show, we will send you an email invoice to complete payment.

To claim a sale item, please wait for an item to be shown and its price to be stated first, then you are free to claim the item by commenting on the live video with the item's ID number and this will be placed into a basket for you to accumulate throughout the show. First comment I see wins the item. Please ensure you are able to complete the sale purchase within 4 days if you are claiming items.

Free crystal confetti mini scoop with every order!

Each live show we will randomly choose one customer that has shared our video (from that sale) and they will get to pick their own prize pack! We have three stunning prize packs each sale to choose from. The winner will be drawn at the end of the show (approx 9pm, maybe later). You must be present during the draw to claim your prize, or it will go to the next person.  

AfterPay/LayBuy/ZipPay/POLipay/Debit/Credit available. Must be paid within 4 days of claiming items or your items will be relisted for sale automatically on our website. PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to complete your payment or do not contact us to complete your purchase, this is noted as a cancellation. After two cancellations, you will no longer be able to claim on our live sales. 

Shipping costs are generally $6.50-$10 for most parcels, but can be up to $25, depending on size of package and where you live. You can find all of our shipping rates here

We take requests! If there is something you really love and would like to take a closer look at, please let us know during the show! We have over 3000+ crystals in store.

Happy shopping crystal lovers!!!